Highlights on the Best Payment Gateways Reviewed and Compared


Having succeeded in creating an ecommerce website, choosing the suitable payment gateway to use becomes a challenging task. The dozens of online payment options available further complicate this. A payment gateway service enables you to accept debit and credit payments and any other online transactions. Advisers from the e-commerce sector will advise you to make a choice considering several factors. Therefore, this calls for a clear understanding of the various payment gateways available.

Surprisingly, almost half of your clients could cancel their purchase if they miss their preferred payment method. This is an indicator therefore that the payment gateways can either make or break the clients’ experience and it is very essential. Having said this, it is prudent if you choose the best and most suitable payment gateway for your ecommerce site. Below are some of the factors to look into when searching for the appropriate payment gateway available.

Factors to Look Into When Choosing a Gateway Service Provider

Compatibility with your ecommerce platform

Various ecommerce platforms exist. Self-hosted platforms like wooCommerce, Bigcommerce, and other best ecommerce platform determine your choice of payment options. Therefore, ensure that you choose a suitable gateway that integrates well with the platform. However, installing various off-shelf extensions and plugins can help you ease the integration process.

Preferred mode of payment

Customers can submit their payments through three common ways. The first being where the customer pays through the forms on your site. Here, details of the transaction are posted directly on your free ecommerce site server. This method is, however, least secure and quite expensive. Secondly is the iframe or redirect. As the name suggests, you include a redirecting option on the hosted payment page for clients to be redirected any time they want to make payments. The last method is by sending the payment details straight to your server to a more secure payment gateway. In this format, the clients do not pay via your server as the initial methods.

All in one payment services

SagePay and PayPoint payment providers only provide for the payment gateway. To get the cash; therefore, you will require an additional merchant account or similarly a bank account to withdraw from. On the other hand, PayPal and Stripe payment options provide both payment gateways and merchant accounts. This makes the withdrawal process easier. Depending on your understanding, therefore, choose an appropriate option you think can serve you better.


It is crucial that you consider the customer base when selecting a payment option. As indicated above, customers may withdraw their purchase if they do not find their preferred option. Fortunately, most e-commerce platforms allow for installation of more than one payment options. It is understood that quite a large number of customers have and use PayPal. You should therefore, avoid confining yourself with one. Have the second option and most preferably, PayPal as an alternative. This can also be a good backup if your primary mode develops problems.

Cost of the gateway

This service provides charge fees at different rates. Among the standard charging options, include a monthly fees, variable fees based on transactions, fixed transaction fees and extra fees for chargebacks. Table all the payment gateway charges and options, make a clear comparison and approach one that provides the services at an affordable price.

Length of the contract

Payment providers usually lure their clients to sign long-term contracts extending up to two years. Although this is a good option, it becomes an issue if you find their services unsatisfactory after signing. It is therefore, prudent singing monthly contracts and understands all the terms and conditions of the contract.

Reputation of the provider

With payment option being a key factor in your e-commerce website, having a reputable payment gateway is not an option. This industry is affected by outages, which mainly affect customers as well as your transactions. Therefore, be extra cautious before approaching any new payment provider in the industry.

User experience

Choose a payment provider that makes your user experience exciting and comfortable. This does not only involve elimination of some unnecessary steps but also speeding up the general process. Customers will also find this user-friendly increasing their chances of repeat purchases.

Nature of your business

Some payment gateway providers do not offer their services for businesses they term as high risk. Such includes gambling, travel, tobacco, and debt collection, credit repairs, selling adult content and electronic cigarettes.  If you indulge in some of the prior mentioned e-commerce businesses, keep off payment providers that cannot work with you. Find payment providers specialized in such sector.

Various Widely Used Payment Gateway Solutions

Having understood the above-highlighted factors, you will find it easy making a choice of the payment gateway service provide to approach. Below are some of the widely used payment options.


Since its inception and launch in 2010, Braintree has increasingly become popular due to its efficient services. However, it was later acquired by PayPal and currently operates under the company. They accept payments from a wide array of online payment options including Apple pay, Android pay, Venmo, and coin base also known as bitcoin. It supports Bigcommerce, Magento, Spree Commerce, Shopify and Woocommerce e-commerce platforms. On the terms, Braintree offers their services without necessarily signing a contract. Their rates and fees are additionally lower and affordable.


It began with a simple goal of making easier for online businesses to conduct their businesses. Its priority target clients are the developers and not merchants. This is an interesting business approach that displays its committed vision. It supports similar platforms as Braintree with almost similar rates. Additionally, there is no need to sign a contract. You should, however, understand the terms and condition for smooth transactions.


Among the oldest payment gateways, authorize.net since its inception in 1996 is placed in a better position of meeting your needs. With its seniority, it has a decent portion of clients in this market. It has the same rates, serves the same platforms as the above two. However, one disadvantage is that it has a limited migration service. However, it has a more friendly and interactive user interface. On contract terms, it provides a monthly option that allows one to renew every month with no fee charged on early termination.


This mode of payment gateway came up in the late 90s spearheading the revolution in the e-commerce payment services. As indicated above, the firm acquired Braintree and Venmo recently. With these two companies under their belt, the company has grown to a powerful entity on its handling a wide base of clients. Many people usually prefer this as a backup option when the primary service provider has limitations.

Ecommerce Software

It supports all the assorted platforms. Low processing rates in addition to the no contract agreement make this gateway preferred by many users.

Amazon payments

In 2007, Amazon payment was launched with the similar goal of providing users a unique experience from other sites. This site does not have a redirecting option just like PayPal making it easier to use. It allows users to access their shopping options at amazon.com by a single click. On the features, it allows for different ecommerce platforms, processes at lower fees with no setup or protection fee charged. It also does not operate under a contract making you free to sign out anytime.

World pay

Among the original online payment gateways, the world pays begun offering its services in 1994. Due to this, it is typically an outdated method with the inclusion of cancellation fee. Nevertheless, it has attractive transaction rates. However, feed and charges make it, discouraging to use. It also requires you to sign a contract of three years with a fee on early termination. Read carefully the terms and conditions therefore before signing up for this payment option.


Having a straightforward payment gateway is as essential as having the e-commerce websites itself. Without this, you may not be able to complete your transactions. From the details above, you can visualize how importance it is to understand the various standings of the various payment gateway options before using one in your e-commerce site. This guide comes in handy when searching for the best payment gateway.

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