Bigcommerce VS Wix: Ecommerce Software Comparison Review


Online shopping has significantly evolved. E-commerce websites being the major stake of online business. These sites, however, rely on a combination of various software and plugins installations for proper functioning. Having succeeded on how to create an ecommerce website, you require the input of an ecommerce hosting platform. This enables easier setup and management of the e-commerce site.

There are many ecommerce platforms available in the market currently. These include Shopify, Magento, Wix, Bigcommerce, Volusion, Bigcartel and 3dcart among others. They are, however, distinguished by their performance, ability to accomplish various tasks among other factors. Making a choice of the best ecommerce platform, therefore, requires that you understand the different types in and out. This will enable you to select one that adequately meets your needs.

Unlike traditional hosting, e-commerce differs due to features. For instance, traditional packages were not equipped with various features such as free ecommerce site builder, webmail, and control panel, which allows easy navigation through the website.

In this article, the focus is on Wix and Bigcommerce ecommerce hosting platforms. Below are the comparing factors between the two primary hosting carts. This will facilitate an easier and better understanding.

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  1. General score

From clients’ ratings, Bigcommerce leads with a score of 9.2 whereas Wix follows with a close 9.1 out of ten, with ten being the best. This reflects what clients think about the two platforms regarding services offered and compatibility.

  1. User satisfaction

With Bigcommerce, the client satisfactory rate is an astonishing 96 percent while contrastingly; Wix has a customer satisfaction rate of 100 percent. This means that most clients are satisfied using Wix cart over Bigcommerce. To support the data, Wix has 191 positive social mentions from different people and companies using the platform. On the other side, Bigcommerce gathered 78 positive social mentions.

  1. Cost

Different ecommerce hosting platforms charge varying rates. This includes the different modes of rates calculation and the payment intervals. Bigcommerce offers a three type payment options. This aims at capturing the small class businesses as well as large firm. The three include a standard category, which charges $29.95 a month, plus category that costs $79.95 with more features and an enterprise category that have customized pricing options.

On the other side, you can set up your website with Wix free. However, to maximize the customization options, it is prudent to go for a premium mode. With premium, you are charged and categorized in agreement with the features you request. There are four main categories. Connect domain that costs $4.08 a month, combo domain charging $8.25 a month, unlimited that charges $12.42 and lastly, e-commerce charging $16.17 a month but with absolutely all, the extensive features including an online store and 10 GB bandwidth.

From the above statistics, Wix is the cheaper option. You should, however, ensure that you understand the various essential features entailed in each before making a choice.

  1. Technical details

These ecommerce platforms support various devices to begin with. Both Bigcommerce and Wix support Windows, iPhone/iPad, web-based, android and mac operating systems.

On geographical areas covered, Wix has an upper hand. It serves a wide geographic area including USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia, Germany, Latin America and Japan. On the contrary, Bigcommerce is limited to USA, UK, Canada and Australia.

With pricing model, Bigcommerce charges as either monthly payments or quote based rates. With Wix, the rates are either freemium or as monthly payments. These rates are personal choices. Ensure that you understand them clearly before committing to one.

The other technical detail involves the customer base targeted by the platforms. Bigcommerce targets small, medium and large businesses while Wix targets majorly the small firms and freelancers. This partially justifies the reason why Wix has a large number of positive social mentions.

  1. Support

In case you encounter difficulty that requires an admin intervention, both ecommerce platforms have a phone, ticket, live support and training mediums that enable you to contact the admin with ease for quicker resolutions.

Best alternatives

In case Bigcommerce does not meet your specific needs, consider Shopify, 3dcart, WooCommerce, Squarespace and Spree Commerce website e-commerce hosting platforms as possible alternatives. With Wix, Shopify, Shopify Plus, Handshake, APL2Cart, Ohoshop can provide alternatively similar services.


Over time, e-commerce businesses and websites have transformed how people shop online. It is a fast and reliable way of making purchases. As the owner of the online store, however, maximize your input to get the best out of it. Ecommerce hosting platforms are an essential component that enables you set up and run the ecommerce site efficiently. Understand the various types available before buying one. Get the clear-cut differences between Bigcommerce and Wix from the details above.  This will enable you make an informed decision on the best ecommerce platform that will fit your needs.

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